Check out the Patsy’s Place Trailer!


12 Responses to “Check out the Patsy’s Place Trailer!”

  1. Louis Perez says:

    Fantastic. Can wait to see it on prime time.

  2. lissi says:

    Great!, I want to see you. Good look….

  3. clara acerno says:

    i love patsy…and his show! good goin! love the stuff with mario. where’s my part? tee hee.
    Ima not so actressy any mora.

  4. Susie says:

    Love the new format , done very well. Can’t wait for the next recipe or for it to be on tv

  5. Dolores says:

    Looking soooo forward to the sitcom…Can’t wait for your Fantastic Show!!!

  6. Starry Hope says:

    That’s a wrap…Print!!! Love the show…Let’s go CBS,NBC & ABC

  7. Debra says:

    I love, love, love it…. I can see this is going to be my new favorite show…. My fingers, toes and eyes will be crossed until a big network has “Patsy’s Place” on prime time****

  8. kathrine says:

    love the concept . we need another great italian family show. this looks great i would watch it my self and i don’t watch television

  9. anthony says:

    wow looks great patsy youll do well with it whish you the best and god will help you dont forget your old roomie anthony

  10. Mike Diamond says:

    Trying to make it as an actor in LA for many years I was never starving with you around as a friend.You kept ALL OF US WELL FED(and on a tight budget) ! You also kept all of us smiling with your laughter and one of a kind sense of humor.Our group meals are some of my favorite memories.This show you’ve put together is the perfect showcase for your talents. No one deserves success more.

  11. Burt Smiddy says:

    I dont usually comment on blogs but i have to tell you well done

  12. Rex Melle says:

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