The Show

PATSY’S PLACE is a traditional three camera sit-com set in New York’s Greenwich Village based around the newly changed life of Chef Patsy Puglisi. Patsy is riddled with insecurities about his weight and abilities as he struggles with his “place” in his new world where he finds himself on the cover of “Let’s Eat Magazine,” the owner of the award winning restaurant, “Pasty’s Place”, housed on the ground floor of his village brownstone, a newly single father of two, and about to star on his own television cooking show also called “Patsy’s Place” that is being produced by his ex-wife, Kay.

Thrown in the mix is his feisty Italian mother, Momma Rose, from “the old country”, his zany cousin, Artie, from the old Brooklyn neighborhood and his jealous Cordon Bleu trained assistant chef on the television show, Jordan. All together it makes a recipe for a great half hour of fun and laughter.

Here’s a Timeline Narrative of Past, Present, Future

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Created by Pat Asanti and Debra Parker
A Production of Kirkwood Entertainment — In association with Gosch Productions

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